BitDefender Internet Security


Protect your PC against the dangers of internet



When we surf the net, we are always in danger because there exist lots and lots of virus, spyware, Trojans and other malware trying to enter our system and destroy it or steal our beloved information.

BitDefender Internet Security will be a perfect shield to defend our system against all those malware and any other kind of threats.

BitDefender Internet Security is more than a simple antivirus, it also offers data-steal protection, anti-phising, integrated firewall, wifi protection, antispam and parental control. You'll have a full featured suite which will make you be safe while surfing the internet.

Finally it also includes a Gamer Mode that minimize the effect of the antivirus when you play games and it does not interfere on your gaming experience.

If you want to navigate safely and keep your PC always on fit, with no malware, BitDefender Internet Security is a very good choice.